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About Kim Balmains Art

At Kim Balmains Art we are here to embrace art and teach you the techniques and skills to create a wide range of masterpieces for your own enjoyment. Whether you are new to art of a seasoned practitioner, our art classes are designed to assist and build on your existing skills. If you have no previous drawing skill, we are here to help embrace the artist within.

Kim Balmain

Kim Hope Balmain has been providing amazing art classes to the Melbourne community for over 34 years. During this time she has become a house hold name within the teaching industry. Being a Melbourne based artist she understands the beauty that comes with a large range of landscapes. With her experience, skill and knowledge she will teach you the art of creating long lasting paintings and drawings.

Art Classes

At Kim Balmains Art we offer a wide range of art classes for all skill levels. Our main aim is to teach anyone who is willing to learn while creating something close to your heart. Your will learn a wide range of skills with our range of art classes from realism, abstract, contemporary and a combination of these principles. For booking times and classes, please contact Kim Balmains Art today.

Tips & Tricks

Being within the art industry for many years, you learn tricks and tips for creating stunning art. Adopting a healthy cleaning routine will ensure that your brushes perform for years. If your brushes are showing signs of turning brittle, please ensure you follow a strict cleaning regime to ensure the longevity of your materials. One main tip we offer in our art classes in after you have cleaning your brushed with paper, wipe the brush with a dirty rag to remove the last of the paint before washing.

Melbourne, Victoria
  Phone   03 9504 5604

Our Art Class Teachers provide the following services in Melbourne:

  • Art Classes
  • Abstract, Contemporary, Impressionist & Realist Painting
  • Pastel, Oil, Acrylic, Graphite, Water Colour, Gouache
  • All Art Materials Supplied
  • Fully Equipped for up to 10 Students
  • Studio/Gallery Sales
  • Commissioned Artwork
  • Portraits
  • Installation Art
  • Call Us Today!

Our art classes are help all year round and teach a range of skills, styles and techniques. If you are looking to learn a specific skill, please talk to Kim Balmains for more information about her art classes in Melbourne.

  • No Talent Required
  • Range of Technique
  • Materials Supplied
  • Over 34 years of experience

If you wish to book a time with one of our artists, please contact Kim Balmains Art on (03) 9504 5604.

Art Classes Melbourne

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Melbourne, VIC 3000

Contact Us:

Please Contact Kim Balmains Art on (03) 9504 5604 to book a consultation with our artists.